in Nemesis Market

One thing you may notice right away is that the design of Nemesis Market is completely different from that of almost all other darknet marketplaces. Instead of a classic storefront, Nemesis looks more like a forum - and indeed, by default, its forum opens instead of the market page.


The market can be accessed from any page of the site by clicking on the "Market" tab in the top menu bar. In addition, there is an additional menu bar containing the following categories (hovering over a category opens its subcategories):

Drugs (Cannabis, Stimulants, Opioids, Ecstasy, Dissociatives, Psychedelics, Benzodiazepines, Prescription Drugs, Steroids, Tobacco, Weight Loss, Paraphernalia, Other)
Fraud (Cards/CVVs/Fullz, SSN/DOB/DL/PII, Bank Logins, Logins/Hacked Accounts, Carding, Carded Goods, Carded Accounts, Drop Addresses, Bank Drops, Other Drops, Phone numbers/Sim Cards, Verification Service, Verified Accounts, Dumps, Credit Card Skimmers, XXX Logins, VPN/Proxy/RDP, Other)
Hacking (Ransomware, Malware/Botnets, Exploits, DDoS, Spamming/Anti Captcha, Access for Sale, Phishing/Social Engineering, Hackers for Hire, Scripts/Applications, Hosting, Other)
Forgeries/Counterfeits (Currencies, Documents – Digital, Documents – Physical, Jewelry, Clothing, Electronics, Art Works, Deep Fake, Other)
Other (Cash to Crypto, Crypto to Cash, Real Documents, Self-Defense, Guides and Tutorials, Customer Orders, Other)

Interestingly, Nemesis Market is one of those rare darknet markets where there are more digital goods than physical goods, although drugs are also represented in a decent amount. Many of the subcategories are divided into subcategories, making it much easier to find exactly the item you're looking for. There is also a search utility at the top of any screen, which works quite effectively. That said, you won't find any filters or sorting options other than those that are provided after you perform a search.

Below is an example of a list of items in a category (cannabis in this case):

The ad summaries in each category (or subcategory) display the following information for each ad:

Picture and title
Pricing for each quantity offered
Vendor name
Vendor rating (1-5)
Total reviews
Total sales
Ships from country (designated by national flag)

By clicking on a product, we can see extended information about it.

Moving from left to right, top to bottom, we see the product image, title, seller logo, seller name, seller rating, total number of reviews and total number of sales. Various quantity and price options are also visible. Below that is shipping information from origin and destination, then shipping methods, as well as the desired quantity and the option to add to cart. You can also save the listing by clicking on the little heart next to the "Add to Cart" label. This will make it easier to find it later, as it will appear in the "Favorite Products" list found in the user menu. Finally, you can see if the seller accepts Bitcoin, Monero or both as payment.

Scroll down the page to see if this seller uses Escrow or Finalize Early. In this example, Escrow is used. If you plan to place an order through Nemesis, please read the following information as it will give you an idea of what to expect when placing an order:

Scrolling down the page, we find a more detailed description of the time, as well as a comment box if you want to ask the seller a question. We recommend encrypting any text sent to the seller (at all stages of checkout), as this is in line with darknet market etiquette. Please note that there is a "Reviews" tab next to the "Description" tab. It is highly recommended that you read all available reviews for a product before placing an order with a seller for the first time. If the product has zero reviews, it is better to reject it in favor of a similar product that has been previously left with good reviews.

We also recommend clicking on a seller's name and reading all the information on their page before you place your first order with them. This will give you an idea of what you can expect from them, as well as what they will expect from you, the buyer. For example, some sellers prefer shipping information to be provided in a certain way. Some sellers are inactive and should be avoided, as placing an order with them may just result in you being separated from your funds for 5 days or more. Here is an example of an active seller:

We can see that they have FE status (meaning they have received at least 100 positive reviews from other markets). As indicated, they were last online recently but have not yet made any sales on Nemesis Market, so their rating is 0. Customer reviews from other markets are on average very positive, so their rating is 5 out of 5. Judging by the number of reviews and sales, they are highly active on other markets, indicating that this is a very experienced seller.


Security Features
in Nemesis Market

Darknet markets from the very beginning until today have been hosted on anonymous internet networks, accept only secure digital currencies and have tried their best to improve security for themselves and their users, the history of darknet markets goes back many decades, in this regard, let's consider the security features offered by Nemesis Market in terms of using the experience gained over many years of security modernization on the TOR network.

The Nemesis Market is focused on providing the highest level of security for its users in a format that has, in part, made measured shopping in this marketplace more difficult.

We offer you a list of all known security features on this market:

Mnemonic Code - (If you lose your account password, you can regain access to your account using a mnemonic code. This code is provided immediately after registering an account with Nemesis Market).

Withdrawal Password - (During the process of filling out the Nemesis Market account registration form you are required to provide a withdrawal password, this is essentially an extra layer of protection for the funds in your account wallet, if you do not know this password then no one will be able to withdraw funds from your market wallet).

Two Factor Authentication - (You can enable this feature to protect your user account, so if the system detects a valid pgp public key stored in your profile, it will ask you to decrypt a message which will contain an authorization code, only after giving it you will be able to log in. so make sure you have a private key equivalent to the public key in a safe place).

PGP Encrypted Messages - (This feature allows you to encrypt your messages so that no third party can intercept the message and decrypt its contents. Nemesis Market not only recommends PGP encryption, but also allows you to check a box for the message you want to encrypt).

Escrow Payment - (Escrow ensures that funds are not transferred to the seller until the transaction is confirmed, this is the opposite of early termination, but FE is a less secure payment method, standard escrow is much more secure).

Reset Withdrawal Passwor - (If you lose your account password, you can restore access to your account using a mnemonic code. This code is provided immediately after registration on Nemesis Market).

Direct Payment - (This payment method is categorized by us as a feature of our security system, as it allows you to pay for items without first funding your marketplace wallet).

We could go on and on with this list, but we will refuse to do so as we will delve into the realm of personal details related to our backend, but in general we believe that what we have listed is more than enough to understand our approach to user security and to find all the most common defenses in one place, which is very important.


Search Listings
in Nemesis Market

The listing policy of Nemesis Market is only for drugs, which means that you can only find drugs on this market, and you will not be impressed by the number of listings, one of the main features of this market is a strict policy regarding the selection of sellers, which negatively affects the number of listings, but positively affects their quality.

The search engine of this market is inferior to the search engines of other darknet markets in almost all points, which clearly begs the question of why it has not yet been improved to at least the level of an average darknet search engine.

Judge for yourself, this search engine does not allow you to filter search results by such basic filters such as: price range, category, product type, you can continue this list for a long time.

There are three search filters in total, here are their names and purpose:

Delivery from - (Allows you to select a location from which to deliver announcements).

Shipping to - (Specifies where the item is being shipped to, the search results will show items that can be shipped to the countries/continents you specify).

Sort by - (Allows you to sort product search results by newness and seniority).

We are categorical in the matter of evaluation of this search engine and we will confidently state that this search engine, to put it mildly, needs modernization, it is inferior to all existing search engines on other darknet markets and not only will not help you to find goods faster, but on the contrary can complicate this process with its paucity of filtering options, I hope this will be fixed in the near future, hurry up.


Creating an Order
Nemesis Market

Darknet markets from the very beginning until today have been hosted on anonymous internet networks, accept only secure digital currencies and have tried their best to improve security for themselves and their users, the history of darknet markets goes back many decades, in this regard, let's consider the security features offered by Nemesis Market in terms of using the experience gained over many years of security modernization on the TOR network.

Once you have found the item you want, select the quantity you need, then the shipping option and click the "Add to Cart" button. Please note that many sellers only deliver to certain countries or regions, so make sure their shipping region matches your geographical location.

Next you need to specify the shipping details, but before that they should be encrypted with the seller's PGP key. To do this, right-click on the seller's name on the listing page to open their page in a new window. Then switch the default tab on the seller's page from "Products" to "PGP Key". Scroll down the page a bit and you'll find the vendor's PGP key. Copy the key and import it into your PGP utility using the Certificate Import option. Then encrypt the shipping information using the key you just imported. Then go back to the purchase window and paste the encrypted content into the Order Details text box. When finished, the result should look something like this:

Click "Refresh" to proceed to the next step of checkout, wait for the screen to refresh and scroll down. If the seller accepts BTC and XMR, you will be offered two payment options:

We recommend always using Monero when making purchases on the darknet marketplace, so in this example we will choose it. Clicking on this option, we will see the following:

the amount of XMR to be deposited, followed by
the XMR address to which the coins will be sent.

You will have three hours to complete the payment. Since the duration of XMR blocks averages about two minutes, it should take the market no more than two to three minutes for your transaction to be detected. Come back in three to four minutes by clicking “Check deposit status". After confirming your deposit, Nemesis will transmit the order information to the seller, who will have up to 10 days to send it (5 days to accept, 5 days to ship). You can cancel your order only within the first 48 hours from the moment of its registration.

If you use a FE-enabled vendor, you must complete the order after the vendor sells it as shipped. This can be done on the "Orders" tab at the top of the screen, where you will also go to check the status of the order.

Ideally, orders will be received within the time specified in the delivery option chosen by the buyer (naturally, after the order is marked as “shipped”). If you do not receive your order within the allotted delivery time, you can open a dispute, which must be done within 10 days after the end of the expected delivery time. This will prevent the transfer of funds from the escrow to the supplier, and the market will give the supplier the opportunity to respond before returning the funds to you (the addresses for the refund can be configured on the account settings screen in the menu of your user profile).